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BOOK REVIEW: Death in Venice

Jul 30, 2012 Comments Off by

DEATH IN VENICE, by Thomas Mann. Translated by Michael Henry Heim; Introduction by Michael Cunningham. Reviewed by Ellie Riley

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BOOK REVIEW: Below Stairs, by Margaret Powell

Mar 19, 2012 Comments Off by

I’m sure most PBS viewers have enjoyed the latest expensively-produced Edwardian melodrama from England, Downton Abbey. Great fun; utter nonsense. The inspiration for the program, as well as the earlier, equally popular, Upstairs, Downstairs, came from a book which was first published in 1968 and hasn’t been out of print since: Below Stairs. The author [...]

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BOOK REVIEW: The Art of Fielding: a Novel

Feb 19, 2012 Comments Off by

By Chad Harbach, Reviewed by Tom Riley…..Venice Book Club selection for March!

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Book Review: ‘ The Man Within My Head’ by Pico Iyer

Feb 02, 2012 Comments Off

Reviewed by Richard Raynor. Writers don’t always get the critics and biographers they deserve but since his death in 1991 Graham Greene has been, on the whole, pretty lucky. Norman Sherry completed his three volume biography, a man and magnificent monument. National Book Award winner Shirley Hazzard wrote a sharply exquisite article  of how she [...]

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Book Review: The Real Romney

Jan 29, 2012 Comments Off

By Michael Kranish and Scott Helman and reviewed by Richard Raynor

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STEVE JOBS by Walter Isaacson

Nov 15, 2011 Comments Off

He was an abandoned child who grew up with the unshakeable belief that he was destined to be a prince. How arrogant and sensible of him. His personal hygiene was bad. He often wore no shoes and liked to stick his feet in the toilet. His food faddery was so extreme that he sometimes endangered [...]

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BOOK REVIEW: Object of Beauty by Steve Martin

Aug 17, 2011 Comments Off

Ostensibly about the life and times of a fascinating young lady named Lacey Yeager, An Object of Beauty is actually about art itself and the people who buy and sell it. Having told you that, let me quickly add you will not easily forget Lacey Yeager. After getting her degree in art history, Lacey lands [...]

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